Empowering through education

Hashoo Foundation's scholarship program identifies talented students who cannot afford university education, and supports them throughout their studies. This support enables them to break the poverty cycle and access better opportunities.

Truly helping the nation

In the absence of State-sponsored social safety nets, vulnerable families and individuals facing temporary hardships and/or unforeseen expenditures can be easily thrown into an endless cycle of poverty. Our Humanitarian Assistance Program provides support to individuals and/or families through medical, financial and educational assistance.

Developing the Skills

The Women Empowerment through Honey Bee Farming Project was initiated in 2007 to empower women in the Northern areas of Pakistan by expanding home-based entrepreneurship opportunities for them.

Spirit of Serving

Hashoo Foundation's emergency health relief component targets vulnerable communities, reeling from the effects of natural or man-made disasters. The Foundation began its relief activities during the catastrophic earthquake in 2005, providing relief to the earthquake affected victims through establishment of a basic health unit in Talhatta, Balakot.

Hashoo Foundation offers promising and rewarding career opportunities to candidates; in fact our basic objective is to equally weigh our external as well as internal employees. Only if the employees are satisfied with their environment and in term of growth that they are achieving through being a part of Hashoo Foundation, can they be successful in obtaining their goals and achieving the mission of HF.

If you want to be a part of Hashoo Foundation and be the difference, that you want to see in this world, then send forth your CV and Resumes in response to the following advertised positions:
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